I am a fundraiser – AMA

Following unhelpful and misleading comments in the Telegraph today, I would like to let my friends, family, and anyone who’s interested know that if they want any advice on fundraising or giving, they can absolutely ask me.

Although the likes of the FR Chair may question my integrity, I will always do my best for whoever asks for my help.

I am not here to coerce anyone. I am here to let people who want to change the world know that they can.

I represent those who need help, giving voice to the silenced and marginalised.

Increasingly, I am taking on responsibilities beyond my charity’s remit or capacity due to austerity and government cuts.

I speak for supporters and beneficiaries, even when their needs and expectations don’t align.

I am proud to be a fundraiser. And I will help anyone I can. Even you, Lord Grade.


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