A surprise thank you

thank_you_inscription_04_hd_pictures_170884The other day I gave our Design team a thank you card. I’ve been in and out of their office since I started my new job – coming to a department which had been focused on areas other than direct mail, I’m sure made a small nuisance of myself by creating work for everyone, me included. And I just wanted to make sure they knew I appreciated it.

So I wrote a little thank you card and gave it to the graphic designer who’s been very accommodating in the face of my million and one changes, questions, edits and emails. It made her smile, which made me smile.

We’re all trying to be better at thanking our donors, quite rightly. They’re who we have in mind when we draft that new appeal pack, or that update letter.

But we shouldn’t forget those who help us actually get our mailings out the door. Or those who offer up a PC lab so we can have a callroom.  Or the colleague who helps stuff the last few envelopes, even when they’re busy with their own workload.

Little gestures can result in big smiles. Big smiles are happy things. So I say thank you, and hopefully it’s a happy surprise.


PS. Thank YOU for reading this post! 🙂


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